Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Stock Market and SEC: An Unexpected Danger to Democracy and Climate Change

 It is amazing what can be learned when questions are asked!

Did you know that the New York Stock Exchange did not exist until the year AFTER this country's Constitution and Bill of Rights was ratified?  Are we not all guilty of believing the founding fathers thought of everything and that the Constitution should be left as is? The problem is that nothing is static and our forefathers could no more see the future than the climate change prophets can predict worldwide environmental failure using computer models and random observations of unexplained phenomenon. 

With the Securities and Exchange Commission ready to hog-tie companies to a Climate Change policy that  will not only impact the USA but ever other country in the World, is it not time to ask if mandating climate change through financial regulation is democracy-in-action or slick version of backdoor dictatorship by one political viewpoint.

 Perception is Reality

You can only see another's viewpoint if you are willing to look.

Perception is REALITY.  Why are those three words so important?  They explain why America is divided, why our government encourages division and why America's illusion of democracy and environmental concern is part of a package that holds too much weight over the actions of the rest of the World.  You see, perception has nothing to do with fact.  Perception is what people believe and that does not changed until something happens to break down that belief.  

The United States perceives itself as helpful, open-minded and democratic, but is it something entirely different depending on the situation?   In regard to climate change, could the US be an irrational groupie who is looking for some issue to distract its public, or worse, could it be a country that already understands its environmental stand is in large part responsible for the heat waves, floods, infectious disease outbreaks and food shortages that happen around the World.

Biden's View of Reality

As Biden battles to save something of the Democrat's agenda, he has realized that to do it legislatively is impossible. Like Trump, he tried to do it through Executive Order with little success. Then he used another Trump move to rededicate funds to support climate change projects and escape Congressional oversight. Of late, his focus is on using regulation to effectively steer the narrative until companies and states have no choice but  to "see things" along the same lines as Biden's perception of reality. Does Biden actually believe he has the power, authority and knowledge needed to make this planet 3 degrees cooler? Does any World leader have that ability?

Excuse the snarky repartee. Currently, America can't provide baby formula for its children without buying  it from other countries. It cannot control its border with Mexico, or stay out of some type of military conflict for more than a few weeks. And yet,  our Commander-In-Chief can SAFELY air condition the planet  by removing carbon dioxide which is produces by every living creature on Earth--every single day.  REALLY?

Why the Stock Market Matters

Not to give up easily, the President is tipping the scale to his way of thinking by changing the SEC's leadership. Certainly, the practice is not new and is quite common when politics change.  But it is the covert advancement of climate change policy that rings warning bells for those who are a bit more cautious in their environmental approach. 

Through financial red tape, public flogging with prejudicial information and limiting access to the Stock Market itself, the SEC could require global action that impacts every person on the planet.  All of that might sound justified if you share the President's perception but there is a reality to this move that makes it far less noble when viewed on a global scale.

Here's How Things REALLY Are?

The New York Stock Exchange controls over half (YES, HALF) of all public held stock in the World, The remaining 45% of stocks are traded across a dozen or so countries. Taking that bit of information into account, one can see why the world sees us a both aggressor and savior.  

Certainly, the Stock Market and the SEC has the power to bring all companies on the Exchange to heel, but does that mean a country that pride's itself on its Democratic way of life, SHOULD do so? 

In short, if the SEC takes the position that it has the authority to dictate environmental practices and legally damage a company's reputation and standing in the economy to promote political agendas, have we not simply exchanged one rogue agency (Envirnmental Protection Agency) for another?    

In fact, doesn't the Stock Exchange already control far more of our lives than the votes cast in each election.  Why should America's citizens believe that such control is not politically and financially motivated. The doing it for the good of the World argument is after all a position of force not one of democratic choice.

Strong Leaders THINK More Than They Act

President Biden's commitment to a healthy planet is understandable since he has been voting in favor of such legislation since he was a freshman member of Congress fifty years ago.  But like our forefathers, he could not see the future and those policies have made the rich, richer and harmed wildlife and human beings in ways we are only now realizing.  As much as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barrack Obama and countless other proponents of GREEN energy push, all their efforts have been based on human perception and not environmental reality. Strong leadership knows when they are handicapped by perception and seek challenging discussion before they act. When thought returns, the answer will be clear.

What Should Biden Do?

When Biden was elected he had the opportunity to be a strong leader by thinking first and acting cautiously.  It is what the people thought they were getting. By following old paths, he has failed to do what the country wants as well as what the World needs.  Globalization has not worked for the environment. Globalization has not work for Americans as we consumer poor quality products from other countries in every increasing volumes.  Inflation is the result of government spending with no real purpose and benefit that wastes the wealth of this nation while enhancing the wealth of others.  Furthermore, the more Biden follows his well trodden path the worse it will be. 

As for climate change, Biden needs to look at the situation from the position of fact not prophecy. Biden's skills as a negotiator have always been where he shines.  Team building is a special kind of strong leadership that this country has not seen in many decades.  It is here that Biden has the chance to shine.

Advice to the President, Stop worrying about being President and do the job that needs to be done. Then history will remember what has happened in a favorable light.  Fix climate change by admitting our laws are to blame and plot a path that everyone can live with.

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