Saturday, July 1, 2017

Modern PenPals

Image result for public domain stamp letter I love to write. I didn't always.  While my life has not changed all that much over the years, there are times when I have to marvel at how different life is now than when I was a little girl.  Then, I would have had to sign up to be a pen pal in order to connect with someone who did not live in my neighborhood, go to school with me or attend my church. It was a tedious process waiting weeks to get a reply and even more tedious writing on thin paper with erasers that more often than not, tore a hole in the paper.  It was a difficult way at best to get to know people and see them as anything more than subjects in National Geographic or highlights from a highly edited or scripted television program. I certainly wasn't sheltered as a child. I had many opportunities but I was a typical middle-class female born to two hardworking parents at a time when life was far more predicable than it is now. Now connecting with others of differing viewpoints might be something of a risky venture, but the need to become modern penpals might be the venue that ultimately brings the world to a time of greater understanding.  With understanding there is friendship and with friendship there is peace.Today's post, is the first of what I hope is many entries to this blog. I welcome you to comment on my posts as long as you can be civil. Please remember this is how I see the world - it is not the way I expect you to see it.  If I can even bring about a small amount of understanding between two different viewpoints than I have accomplished what I hoped to do. I hope we become internet friends. Global friends in an ever shrinking world.