Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Cheerio Bellyache: It isn't the Cereal. It's our Clean Air (Sulfur Deficiency: FACS Teacher Explains)

Cheerios is one of the best basic cereals for fiber and energy. That said, it is also one of the most at risk for creating stomach distress in its consumers. Why you ask? Because climate advocates declared sulfur gases hazardous more than fifty years ago. AND without sulfur the human body cannot effectively digest complex grains like Cheerios.  Yes, your gluten intolerance gut is because climate advocates wanted clean air and the unintended consequence was a compromised food source and poor health for everyone.

This isn't the first time Cheerios and other plain grain cereals have been found lacking in digestibility.  In the late 1930s, agriculturalists and home economists realized that a lack of vitamins and minerals in harvested grains made the cereal less usable. With the globalization of our food supply, there is no longer any assurances that these grains are raised with proper fertilization.  Without chemical testing of each truckload of grain, there is no way to say whether your grain is anything more than a bowl of calories. The federal government reduced that testing also. 

As we continue to cut sulfur emission from coal, oil and natural gas, humans become diabetic at a younger age, have fertility problems and cannot digest a simple bowl of cereal without taking a pill.  It is this trend that climate advocates claim will lead to extinction if we do not reduce more and more emissions.  Sadly, it is this clean air frenzy that is much more likely to lead to human decline by way of a failing food supply and global unrest.  Are we prepared to be constantly tethered to mineral supplements and expensive health care for the rest of our lives or can we allow nature to regulate the atmosphere as it has done for thousands of years? 

Point to Ponder:  

The only place on Earth that is devoid the what is labeled air pollution is a place without life. Perhaps we should consider our priorities: 

CLEAN AIR or LIFE  What is your choice?

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