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Notice: Versions of the Just a Touch of Sass name have been pirated by others. This blog and a rarely used Facebook page are the only ones owned by this author. Any other version of this material (Instagram, email or Twitter) is not authorized by this author. 
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Just a Touch of Sass

Just a Touch of Sass is the intellectual offspring of its author, Sarah Schrumpf-Deacon. Rather than stay within the limits of a specific subject or skill, this collection is like its parent - made of many varied parts and interests. 

Started in 2017, it took a backseat to a short career as a freelance writer.  Realizing that ghostwriting was a great way to make the client look good while working long hours for low pay, coupled with some nagging personal issues, Schrumpf-Deacon faded into the background for what would be a 15-month period of self-exile.  On July 1st, she was pleased to begin writing again and plans to reach an audience as diverse as her interests.

Rather than weave a long, snooze-inducing list of qualifications perhaps an image is better. A representation of the inner soul more than the outer appearance, the JATOS Logo was chosen to show a sense of style, a willingness to be provocative enough to be interesting while adding a dash of shy reserve.  Hats, at one time, said so much about the woman underneath them. 

To learn who and what the author is, the audience need only read.  While creative writers can live in fantasy, non-fiction writers often let their personal preferences peek through.  The purpose of this collection is two-fold - to keep the author busy and to provide entertaining and informative content that appeals to its readers.  It is not intended to divide but to present differing viewpoints in a respectful and clear manner. 

*All material posted here is the original work
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