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Covid-19: The Science Behind Chicken Soup’s Effectiveness Against Illness

** As the Summer COVID surge begins, we hope this reminds sufferers that vaccines only work when partnered with good nutrition.  Other options which are just as good are chicken salad sandwiches with a tall glass of lemonade, Black Bean salads with whole wheat crackers and even fresh (not imported) strawberries, almonds, sharp white chedder and a crusty roll with sweet cream butter. Food is more than just gas for your body, its a prescription for long life and health. Just remember the protein.

It was always going to happen. Like gum on the bottom of your favorite pair of shoes, COVID was going to come back to remind us that healthcare has its limitations and that the best way to be COVID free is to think prevention not cure.  

Is it possible that there has always been a natural, easy to take, immune supporting regimen that is inexpensive and resistant to supply chain issues?  As old wives tales go, it should be no surprise that chicken soup is as scientifically sound a preventative as masks and social distancing. Besides, it tastes a WHOLE lot better!

A Summer Wave of COVID

During a promotional tour for her new book, Dr. Deborah Birx, former White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator, predicted a summer wave of COVID cases as the virus, yet again, mutates and skirts around efforts to control it.  Unlike her colleague, Dr. Anthony Fauci who tends to make impassioned pleas and dooms-day warnings, Birx's statements are well in line with long standing immunology standards which anticipate flare-ups during periods of low humidity. (Common Cold, John Hopkins)

The take away from that statement should not be fear of the future but knowledge that this is not a NEW normal but the continuation of a pattern that existed long before the pandemic.  

We, also, need to remember that the use of antibiotics and strong drugs is still a very young science with natural limitations. The hard pill to swallow here is acknowledging that a prescription pad cannot replace food as the foundation for our health.  Strange that we wouldl abandon a proven method of illness prevention so quickly as healthcare expanded.

Why is Preventing Illness so Hard?

For the sake of time and space, let''s just say resourcefulness is its own worst enemy. Over the last 100 or so years, our desire for new ways to handle ordinary jobs has complicated everything from food production and transportation to healthcare and charitable efforts.  Without consideration for how Nature operates, those intent on protecting people form illness instead created a perfect environment for illnesses to grow and prosper.  Food is the last remaining natural method of prevention and even that has become less reliable.

How can Chicken Soup be Scientifically Relevant?

This analysis is based on the study of Organic Chemistry not meteorology or environmental science. Not all science disciplines support the current position of climate advocates and worry that their push for action could further compromise all life forms.

For some reason, environmental advocates focus on how Nature looks rather than how it works. As a result, these actions have disrupted Natures' nutrient supply chain, not only for wildlife but for people as well.  Current environmental policies restrict or remove the very elements that all life needs most--Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Chlorine, Iodine, Fluorine, Bromine, and Iron.  It's not a surprise that these elements make up a large portion of today's vitamin supplements and prescription drugs.  Truly, a complicated way of being healthy, isn't it?

Why Chicken Soup Works so Well

Here's what chicken soup does for the body and why it helps people recover from stress and illness as completely as its reputation states.

Follow our recipe or adapt your own for a home remedy that works naturally to strengthen the immune systems and rebuild damaged tissue. 

  • Water - With 70% of the body made up of water, consuming a food that already has water as a main ingredient helps digestion work better.  From a science standpoint though, it isn't the water but what's in it that makes the real difference. Ideally, you are using tap water.  If that is the case, this soup is off to a good start with trace amounts of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Iron, and Potassium. Actually, the popular mindset of "pure" water does the planet a disservice by robbing them of nutrients which count on water to distribute them equitably. For an even better concentration of these trace minerals, boil the chicken, skin and bones included, and use the broth as the basis for your soup.  Even using one chicken leg can make a perfectly wonderful soup a quick dinner.

  • Chicken -  It's Nitrogen and Sulfur that matter here. These two elements are the chemical difference between white sugar and a quality protein that keeps the brain, heart and lungs in good condition.  Regardless of whether you do this old-school or start with a can of cooked chicken, nitrogen and sulfur will be part of the package. Strange that vaccines only work when high levels of protein are consumed as protein is a main component of anti-bodies.  Even in the wake of COVID, Nitrogen and Sulfur compounds are heavily restricted by EPA guidelines.  Most animal feeds, organic as well as standard, include chemical forms of these nutrients since they are no longer readily available in nature.

  • Yellow onions, Spices and Vegetables - Yellow is nature's way of telling people that Sulfur is present. The mineral is so important that it has its own color.   Yellow onions, mustard seed, turmeric and corn, not only add flavor and visual appeal but deliver an element that increases insulin and methionine production. Insulin helps regulate blood sugar while methionine is essential to heart and liver repair along with reproductive capabilities.  Dozens of articles on the National Institute of Health website speak to the restorative powers of sulfur but most focus on its potential as a medical treatment without concern for the environment impact.  EPA documents claim that sulfur has been virtually eliminated from the atmosphere for over forty years. As a natural barrier against bacteria and fungus, it is more than a coincidence that the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic and the 2020 COVID outbreak occurred during a time of low atmospheric sulfur that resulted from a conscious move away from fossil fuels.

  • Salt - Sodium, Chlorine and Iodine are all in that pinch of salt you add to any dish. While medical professionals warn against salt, evidence links a lack of it to everything from weak muscles, bladder control issues and dementia to respiratory illness and the rise of cancer.  Sodium regulates fluids in the body and is connected to such conditions as dry eye, a lack of saliva (tooth decay) and sinus problems. It may even play into the development of glaucoma. Chlorine is an ingredient of many OTC cold medications and was widely used for the treatment of COVID.  Iodine is linked to the production of hormones that regular metabolism and is considered by some as a natural guard against cancer. It is now one of the most prescribed medication for low thyroid function and cancer diagnoses. For thousands of years, people understood a diet without salt led to poor health and mental decline.  Why do we still belirve it is harmful to our health?

  • Crackers, Noodles, or Rice - Finally, we get around to an energy source.  Everything that is listed above will likely be retained in the body for a while.  But these fillers that make soup satisfying offer a steady supply of energy to the body.  Made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen (the three biggies in the body), these foods may be touted by medical professionals but offer little else than energy.  A diet heavy in grains will sustain life but eventually cause it to break down for lack of protein. Neither do these popular foods support the creation of anti-bodies EVEN if you are fully vaccinated. Another reason for what is called Long COVID is the body's natural defense mechanism breaking down its own bones and large muscles (even the heart itself) to create anti-bodies.  By receiving multiple boosters, a person could cause the body to break down lung and brain tissue to make anti-bodies that were never needed.  Too much of anything is never good in nature. 

The Question That is Before US

For some time, scientists have talked around this issue using big words and strange theories.  What they have been trying to tell us for sometime is that a choice is necesary. 

Do we want blue skies, clean air and pur water or do we want good health and predictable weather? Nature will not allow us to have both. 

All the carbon removal in the World will not restore us to good health because what is making us (and the planet) sick was removed forty years ago.  It isn't pesticides or plastic bottles or even our food that needs to change. It is our attitude to a bit of smoke, smelly gasses and rainy days that needs to become more tolerant. When we are comfortable with those three naturally occurring events then maybe, just maybe, we will solve climate change and become healthy again. 

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