Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Climate Change 2023: How AI (Artifical Intelligence) Has Already Fail Mankind With Incorrect Deductions

Please consider passing along this post to government officials and those in Congress. Certainly party politics is against any rational thought or action on either side. Perhaps if enough members see that the dangers of AI are in the here and now, they may back pedal and work together to avoid the worst. 

As Bill Gates pushes computer programing for everything from business management and transportation efficiency to solving climate change by keeping track of carbon emissions, there are those who disagree strongly with Gates' rose-colored glasses viewpoint of an invention that even he does not completely understand. These well educated people are sounding alarm bells about what might happen in the future (See ABC News Coverage link Below)

AI Leaders Warn the Technology Poses 'Risk of Extinction' like pandemics and Nuclear War

As factual as this article may be, this blog takes the position that AI has already done damage to society and unless mankind views this technology as nothing more than the tool it is, decisions may have already been made that will impact the World's population in ways we would never have thought possible. 

Consider these shortcomings of AI technology and see if you do not come away with a different perspective. 

* AI cannot compare apples to oranges. 

Currently, the worse example of this has been the forty-year scare scientists supported that led the World to believe the polar ice caps were melting. To AI one number is the same as any other.  In this case, AI was not smart enough to tell a Celsius number from a Fahrenheit one. 

Mathematically, this creates a 32 degree margin of error--more than enough to make it look like the World is heating up and the ice caps are melting  

In short, AI's support for global warming studies are likely bogus because the AI used is faulty.

* AI has a language barrier.

In the same way that a Google search brings up Ranch dressing along with Bandaids (Search topic: Wound Dressing), asking a computer to interpret the meaning of words across national boundaries and historical time periods, is more than most people can manage. Only with a strong education in history, science and the evolution of certain words, can we really understand what was meant. 

Take for example the belief that John Tyndall determined that carbon based gases kept the planet warm. He did test the ability for CO2 to hold heat and he did study the effects of what he called "radiation" on heat production. Only when you look back at his actual work do you realize he never tested the effect of the sun on gases and what he called "radiation" was the type of heat you get by running hot water through a metal box--what we now call a "radiator".  

AI strung similar words together that allowed scientists to postulate that fossil fuels were bad for the World and that it had been proven over 100 years ago.

Remember this technology didn't prove the planet was heating up so how can it prove that carbon based gases are the culprit? It also could not tell the difference between a heat producing wave of energy from the Sun and a metal box that got warm when hot water was run through it.   

In short, AI does not understand its conclusions. It only understands that it completed the task which it was required to do.  Mankind chooses to take these findings as fact rather than use his own power of thinking.

*AI focuses on details not the big picture. 

For the better part of the last 15 years the Obama and Biden administrations have gone all in on the theory of Climate Change.  Even to the point of rewriting textbooks and spending huge amounts of money on poorly tested green energy sources, these two Presidents have focused on a tiny detail in the Climate Change phenomenon and potentially put this country on a a road to widespread health issues for its residents.  

 Does that sound ludicrous. Yet, it is quite possible. You see, the question should not be how to deal with increasing carbon dioxide levels but what will happen to animal life as green energy reduces ground level oxygen around the world. The risk of extinction grows with every day that electricity replaces fossil fuels. 

Here's Why

 It is quite true that oxygen is one of the most common elements on the planet but it is also one of the most used. The complication is that not all breathable oxygen remains at ground level where wildlife and people can access it easily. This form of oxygen is only released by burning fossil fuels and growing plants. 

What Ai cannot understand, and tries to ignore, is that human beings have survived for five thousand years because of their strong partnership with fossil fuels.  While AI can make life without air pollution look doable, the bottom line is that there is no backup plan for a World without burning.  Wildfires, volcanoes and yes automobile exhaust and coal fired boilers redistribute oxygen, sulfur and water vapor in a way that is both efficient and automatic. A planet without that system of natural recycling would cause a sudden drop in animal populations (including humans) until the cannot sustain a species as needy as humans. Wildlife may be able to adapt but humans could no longer live in highly populated areas made of concrete and steel. 

 *Green Energy Doesn't Work

 It is commendable that President Joe Biden is dedicated to what he believes is the right way to handle climate change.  General George Custer had similar strength in his convictions in regard to the Indian crisis of the Wild West. Biden is in the same type of battle against odds that are overwhelmingly against him. One can only hope he has better advisers than Custer. 

Since 1970, the Federal government has restricted five components of air pollution.  They are, instead, the five gases/particles that keep this planet healthy and happy. Even the Air Quality Index is backwards. Who could have thought a day without oxygen was "Excellent".  

If Biden continues to believe in this fantasy laced concept created by a form of Artificial Intelligence that doesn't realize 8 billion people and trillions of wildlife need oxygen each and every day to live, then we have no hope but to mask up, not with gas masks or viral protection but with oxygen tanks and tents. 

Other things you can do to combat misinformation from Artificial Intelligence.

  • Burn some trash
  • Burn Candles or incense
  • Plant evergreen shrubs for year round oxygen production
  • Avoid cutting down trees/bushes
  • Use charcoal instead of gas for your burgers
  • Use gasoline for equipment and vehicles. Skip electric, ethanol, or natural gas.






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