Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Medical AI: How Blood Test Technology Proves AI will NEVER Work (Sorry Bill)

Corrected: 3/29/2023

Even if you haven't been waiting on the Age of Aquarius since The 5th Dimension made the theme popular in 1969, the movement of Pluto out of the capitalistic sign of Capricorn and into the free thinking sign of Aquarius has the technology industry buzzing with anticipation.

Not to give up an opportunity to postulate a future dependent on the computer, Bill Gates has published a relatively brief (7 pages compared to a whole book) list of predictions to ride the wave of astrological fortune telling. Likely more for the purpose of finding backers than civic responsibility, Gates, as so many others have, see this time as an "explosion" of good fortune rather than a re-evaluation of the profiteering pattern of the last 15 years. In the end, it will be Gates' desire for wealth that will fly in the face of Pluto's entry into Aquarius.  

Since one can not argue with the future, it will be the purpose of this article to show how the great advances that Gates is so quick to tout may be just smoke and mirrors like a magician's show.  After all, the invention of the hammer to replace the rock was probably see as something no one could top.

Blood Tests: Accurate, Worthless or A Computer-Generated Trick

Let's take a look at the widespread use of blood tests and monitoring as an example of how current AI is is used. 

The assumption is that these tests make health professionals job both easier and more accurate. . That may not be how it really works and because such tests are used almost exclusively, they may also be worthless in the long run.  We may yet find out that all this is just a distraction from what really ails this Earth and in that case, these tests will be just a slight of hand trick to grow an economy that is bloated and unhealthy in its own right.

How the Tests Were Created

While blood is certainly an important part of animal anatomy, our belief that it is a window to the inner workings of the body may be simplistic. Not only must blood cells do their job at high speed but they must also do it continuously and sometimes with limited resources.

Blood tests are based on mathematical criteria that is assigned randomly based on what people believe to be healthy.  In this way, software makers standardize a system that instead should be very intimate and person.  Recommendations are made based largely on the narrow limits of the data analysis.   In reality, when professionals take these tests at face value and coding doesn't look past the math, serious errors can be made.What appears to be a logical and sound decision making process is little more than sorting figures because of their similarity and not the patients specific health needs.

How the Circulatory System Works

All to often, even in higher education, the circulatory system focuses on the heart and not how the blood does the important work of distributing and collecting nutrients through the body.  In fact, had the focus been on the relationship between blood and cells rather than the heart, Science would have long ago realize it isn't the body that wears out but our environment which has become compromised.

Remember, the human body is designed to survive and that requires some hard choices when the environment doesn't provide what it needs.  For that reason, the composition of your blood is continuously changing. Every breath you take, every bite of food and medicines, every emotion and every activity changes the nutrient levels of your blood. So why  do we believe one blood test a year is adequate to make all health care decisions?

While set up to survive, the body also has the limitation of keeping all cells equally supplied. In order to do that task, blood steals from healthy cells and gives to damaged ones. With out proper environmental support, the body becomes increasingly less healthy, overall. Medications are treated like food and go where the body chooses, not specifically where they were intended. Here is were blood tests and monitoring can mislead a patient  Consider thesse situations.

1.Cholesterol is produced by the body any time a diet is too rich in carbohydrates (any plant based food). Yet, healthcare  recommends such a diet then prescribes a Statin to reduce cholesterol. Because of how blood handles Statins, other fats may be attacked leaving the patient with muscle weakness or brain fog.

2. Restricting salt is recommended. Too little salt can cause bladder incontinence, mental health issues, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure and pain. But healthcare providers stand by that recommendation and prescribe other medications to deal with the side effects of a diet too low in salt.

3. Sulfur, a primary component in insulin, is required for many other body functions. Yet sulfur is not tested for.  Rather than test for a sulfur deficiency which would help the body as a whole, providers choose to focus on blood sugar only leaving blood to continuously recycle the mineral from one place to another in the body.  When sulfur gets too low, a person might experience thinning hair, skin irritations, difficulty conceiving, and early arthritis.  

Add monitoring equipment for blood sugar or activity levels and the robotic instructions for keeping numbers in line can lead to a one-size-fits-all lifestyle that keeps people from achieving their own destiny. 

Why True AI is NEVER Going to Happen?

Hopefully, you are beginning to see that current AI is not really artificial intelligence but the method by which society is made to conform economically.  Computer records and tests are today's weapons  much like a guns and violence were used in the early days of this country. They limit free thinking and keep us lock in an inefficient system of political chaos.

Power is wielded through current systems of AI which manipulate data, make decisions along limited lines and steer the future in a particular direction.  Not until AI has the ability to evaluate thoroughly, speak openly and discuss decisions broadly will true AI be possible.  While certainly welcome in a Aquarian Age, giving up the computer as a tool of oppression seems unlikely for modern man. 

The one outcome that is likely in the next twenty years is for us to realize the computer had a hand every social, political, economic and environment crisis in the last several decades. Being able to see these issues clearly will be the greatest gift the World can get from the Age of Aquarius.