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COVID-19: Prevention through Nutrition

 Even now, eighteen months into this very real pandemic, it is difficult to understand the apparent panic that has overtaken those in power. To further exacerbate the fear and distrust that has hung over this crisis since day one, media outlets merely beat the drum of social guilt rather than provide plausible, science based reasons for a dictatorial response to its vaccines.  Why has there been such an emotional response by those who should be using objective information to advise citizens?  What are we not being told and why?

The answer may have come in two recently published studies that give new insight into exactly what makes this virus so dangerous to so many people.  

Nutrition as Factor

The first study by the Switzerland-based Blue Brain Project reviewed COVID-19 records to determine the one factor that tipped the scales in determining the difference between a mild case of COVID-19 and a stay in the ICU ward.  Irrespective of other disease, that one factor came down to blood sugar level in the days or weeks before infection.  

A second study conducted through an Asian-American partnership between Taiwan, Chinese and US(New York) based institutions looked at the opposite end of the question and found that a specific protein particle (lactoferrin) reduced the severity of illness for participants in the study. Interestingly, the full report of this study was uploaded to the US National Institute of Health's website over a year ago.  

Without getting into detailed principles of how this all works, the bottom line is simple.  The severity of a person's COVID-19 response may have more to do with their diet than with vaccination or exposure.

Blood Sugar Levels

Since early in the pandemic, the word was out that persons with "underlying medical conditions" were at greater risk of contracting the disease. But the why to that statement was never really explained.  By identifying high blood sugar levels as a common denominator in severe disease, it allows people to look at preventing the disease with or without vaccination. 

High blood sugar levels, while thought to be a sign of diabetes, can occur at any age, in good and bad health and be intermittent.  Typically, the condition is a result of a  plant-based diet and one that in turn is low in high quality protein. Alcohol can also cause blood sugar to spike or be higher than desired. Identifying diet prior to infection as an important factor easily explains why so many people fall ill following social events such as weddings, sports events, birthday bashes and church gatherings.  It may not have been contact with an infected person that was important but the high carbohydrate foods and drinks that are so often served at such affairs. With out high quality protein, the body's immune system is depleted and allows the virus to enter. 


The discovery of lactorferrin as a possible preventative for respiratory disease has, for the most part, gone unnoticed.  Moreover, the simplicity of this finding is not only supported by decades of nutritional practice but is cheap, easily available and comes in many forms.  What is the best source of Lactoferrin? COW'S MILK  To confuse this issue, media has reported that the substance which aids iron absorption and boosts the immune system is found in breast milk. A quick Google search shows it is readily available as a dietary supplement and can be found in milk, cheeses, ice cream yogurt and other diary products.  Keep in mind the same is not true of nut, soy, and oat milk products which have low levels of plant-based protein.  Why would the medical industry want to push vaccines when a natural preventative is already available?  

Vaccines and Boosters

Certainly, vaccines have made it possible to live long lives and reduced the rate of childhood death to near zero but vaccines cannot replace the body's immune system.  Vaccines only introduce a small level of infection.  It is still up to the body to create the antibodies necessary to fight infections. Without high quality protein in the diet on a regular basis, even the vaccinated person can become a convenient host to a virus as aggressive as COVID-19.  Vaccines cannot replace good nutrition nor can they improve overall health. Only good nutrition has that power.  

The Take-Away for the Future

For decades, environmentalists and health care providers have steered wealthy nations into believing health was something to manage and monitor. With COVID-19 that assumption may be far from reality. As people base more and more of their lives on plant based diets and drug regimens, the incidence of health issues climbs.  These two studies clearly support naturally reducing blood sugar levels and adding animal protein as a way to resist disease.  These findings are not new and were similarly identified a century or more ago by the March of Dimes and US Department of Agriculture when they identified poor nutrition as a major factor in childhood death. Childhood vaccinations are not the only reason a greater number of children now live into adulthood. 

It is regrettable that the largest health care industry in the world would push expensive drugs, vaccines and food choices rather than acknowledging a natural, proven preventative for major illness.  One can only hope that such information circulates throughout the general population and is not labeled as misinformation by those in control.  

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