Monday, March 5, 2018

Nowhere Land

Originally Posted in March of 2018, it may be that many of us are stuck in a Nowhere Land between Pandemic restrictions and normalcy.  I thought it a good idea to revisit the topic although I perhaps have too many things on my plate.  Motivation is often like money, too much or too little gives us headaches. 

I am must be in Nowhere Land.

You know we have all been here. The place where you try your best but still do not manage to get much scratched off your to-do list.  Well, I am firmly stuck in Nowhere Land. 

I have at least a half dozen blog posts that I cannot seem to finish. The ideas are good ones.  Each of the topics has kept me from getting a good night's sleep or listening to the preacher's sermon or distracting me from the end of the who-dunnit tv show I have stayed up to watch.  And yet, that last bit of focus that says "Yes, this is what I want" seems to be missing.  I am in Nowhere Land.

It's more than writer's block. Its like someone put molasses in my veins and it is taking every ounce of motivation to get dressed, wash a few dishes, a load of clothes and finish a jigsaw puzzle on my iPad.  You know those days.  We have all felt this way. You are neither up nor down, sad nor happy, angry nor supportive.  You are Nowhere.  Just here - or is it there.  Hmph?

For me it often strikes during the last few weeks of winter.  If you live in Virginia or North Carolina, you have experienced our crazy weather.  Ten days ago it was 75 degrees and I had the windows open. Over the weekend it was 60 mile per hour winds and tomorrow afternoon it is supposed to be snow flurries and back in the 40s for the rest of the week. On some level, one just cannot figure out how one is to plan for the day. 

These are the days when one misses having a regular job as a motivator.  If you are a temporary resident in Nowhere Land, your attire might be pajamas for three days in a row and your favorite food might be icing out of a tub.  To a mental health profession, you have just described a person experiencing some form of mental break down.  But Nowhere Land is just not on the mental health map.

Don't get me wrong, I am not making light of the thousands of people who experience mental health issues.  I am a big supporter of nutritional psychology which examines how certain foods can effect mood and personality.  I have found myself removing foods from my diet when realizing they made me just a bit too crazy and adding others when life just isn't normal. (but I digress)   For me, however, and probably far more people than will own up to it, finding oneself in Nowhere Land is something of a mental holiday.  In all probability, in a couple of days, that half a dozen posts will suddenly pop up on screen, my housework will be caught up and a trip to the grocery store will not take the planning of a three week vacation.

For now, I am sending my regards from Nowhere Land and I hope to be back with you in a few days.  :)