About the Author

At a few years past middle age, this author has enjoyed something of an unpredictable life but a good one.  Her tendency to express herself more openly and what she calls "honestly" has not always won her awards but those that know her well will tell you she stands up for what she believes but can often see both sides of an issue as valid.

A wife and mother of three grown children who may have inherited some of her communication style, she has worked in many jobs including dairy and sheep farmer, teacher's aide, Family and Consumer Science educator (Home Ec), news reporter, office assistant, and director of a non-profit.  She has been privileged to serve as an local elected official, an volunteer for church and civic organizations, member of choral and instrumental groups, and lover of all things artistic.

Sarah Schrumpf-Deacon is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a BS degree. She considers herself a persuasive writer but will dabble occasionally in short creative endeavors.  She will use any excuse to write be it a local political issue or quirky retort to a rerun television show.  Please follow this blog on Facebook and support the author for her efforts on Patreon.com.

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