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Dear Readers, 

Just a Touch of Sass is a passion of mine and one that I relish enough to continue without monetary support or accolades.  But there is a need to keep body and soul together and that does require funding of some kind. 

While I greatly appreciate the platform and genius that Google provides for writers like myself, I abhor the way advertising has invaded every level of our media to the point that one cannot tell what is truth and what is marketing.  This blog will never become an AdSense marketing tool even if I am fortunate enough to garner regular support.  Like Wikipedia, I am asking you to consider making a support payment to allow me to spend as much time as I can doing what I love and providing a different perspective for those who wish to read it. 

Please consider supporting this work in anyway you can. Payments ARE NOT tax-deductible and only support myself and my family.  Payments can be made to:

Just a Touch of Sass
c/o  Sarah Schrumpf-Deacon
49 Shady Lane
Raphine, VA  24472

Look for our PayPal account which we hope will be up and running soon. 

Thank you for all your support

Sarah Schrumpf-Deacon

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