Thursday, September 9, 2021

Life Resumes: A Better Approach Ahead

As Labor Day winds down and we move into the Fall, it is time to get back to what matters--relating to people.  Certainly, personal interaction would be preferred to relying on a blog writer, but today's standard and social environment does not encourage open discussion.  As the country comes out of lock down, political parties, journalists and lobbyists continue to stir the pot for personal gain.  This author can only hope that those who follow this blog have gained some benefit from its words.  

Over the next few week, this platform will change its layout.  New pages will be added to organize older articles for easier access. A broader range of topics will be available and be related to ongoing current events.  Our partnership with Medium ( will also be expanded for greater access and searchability. 

Ultimately, the focus is not on what the author's thoughts but on what kind of information is needed to create an educated and  informed public.  Some may call that "misinformation" but without differing viewpoints that come together to form social consensus, there is no way to achieve peace and understanding.  Prayer, hope and legislation do not make Peace happen-only information can do that.  

Please return soon to see what we have accomplished for your enjoyment. Also remember that the author does not receive any compensation from advertisers or political supporters.  The information written here is thoroughly research and not intended to support any political agenda. 

Thank you for the opportunity to reach others. 

Sarah Schrumpf-Deacon


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