Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fake News - Test Your Skill

Fake News - Test Your Skill

Words are wonderful things.  In this world of 140 character political statements and text message acronyms, it is easy to forget that each word has its own special magic that when combined with others produces a very special meaning.  The study of how those words work together is called Semantics.  Because I consider myself a type of journalist and take that role very seriously, I hate fake news.  I have reported more than one photoshoped picture or unsubstantiated article.  But how can you tell the difference.  See if you can tell what is really the topic. 

These two passages have been written about the same image. Each passage is approximately the same words.

Version 1

The lines were crisp and clear. The color stark against the snow white edging  The color brings to mind roses on Valentine's day, rich and vibrant, welcoming and friendly.  One can almost reach out to stroke its warmth. A feeling of health and happiness emanates from the vision

Version 2

A sense of new blood seemed to pulse from the figure.  It was confined by a hard line but threatened to spill out onto the border which was as white as a sheet.  The more one stares at the image the more it resembles a heart beating. Is it alive and threatening in its force.

Was it easy to tell what is being communicated? Probably not.

Each passage is written much like reporting on a new law that is being proposed.  With the pressure of reporting in real time, writing anything is more important than being accurate.  To further complicate the issue, news agencies now have teams of writers doing one article. It does make it easier to get quotes but much harder to make sure the content is not misconstrued by multiple perspectives.  What starts out as an honest attempt to present the facts can quickly get away from writer's when they do not have a chance for perspective and reflection.

So, what was I writing about.  Please feel free to comment below.  Perhaps someone will be able to see the words for what they truly are.   

Nana Jane  

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